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It was an exhausting day today. We did grandprixs in the morning and in the afternoon; we had an amazing technique session. I felt really good afterwards. We had a close call today with the dogs. Freddy and Bindi, the camp’s dogs decided to follow us up to the course in the morning. Normally this […]

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Day Off

So today was our first official day off. In the morning, we did a river run on the Tana river, upstream of the slalom course. We had to borrow boats and gear from Savage Camp. The boats were a little sketchy; I ended up in a large Fluid Spice. The only contact I had was […]

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I’m glad we’re not here in the rainy season. This morning, we had the privilege of a nice preview of what Kenya is like when it’s wet. It poured! The nice part though, is that the wet mutes the hot a little bit. I woke up early this morning to have a shower, a welcome […]

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Hippos, Safari Ants & Malarone Dreams

Jan 15th/2008 It is incredibly hot here, almost unbearably so. But every time this thought goes through my head, I just think about the lovely weather back home, blizzards and ice and then I’m thankful I’m in Kenya. We had our first water session yesterday. The walk-up was insane! You follow a dirt road for […]

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African Journey Begins

Started off in Calgary this morning, but after a pleasant flight, I have safely landed in Denver. My airport experience wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. No trouble getting my boat on the plane at all. Going through the customs line was hell though. I swear they made the curves tighter […]

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