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Countdown to 2016: July

Jerry Chartrand

Had the pleasure of shooting a portrait of Jerry, who has been playing slo pitch for his whole life.

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Canoe Kayak Slalom Whitewater Nationals


I attended my seventh nationals this year, not as an athlete or a coach or a volunteer, but as a spectator and photographer. Oh, what fun! The river was quite busy this year, the banks were packed. It was a pretty big deal that the races even happened after the floods that ripped through Alberta […]

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Alexandra Ianculescu Photoshoot

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Alexandra Ianculescu Photohoot Preview

Alex Eye Teaser-1

Here is just a teaser photo from the shoot I did with friend and speed skater Alex this afternoon. More to follow soon. Enjoy!

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Canmore Sunset

Canmore Sunset

I noticed the sunset as I was enjoying a day in Canmore with my mom. The colours in the sunset were absolutely beautiful and I wanted to capture them so I could picture the beauty of the mountains when I return to Toronto in a week. Policeman’s Creek was just right there so I tried […]

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