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Back From Africa

So much to report on….. Thank you to the Alberta Sport, Recreation Parks and Wildlife Foundation for making this trip possible for me.

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Race Day

This morning, I woke up and was nicely surprised to find out that I was way better. I could walk in a straight line without falling over. Eating more at breakfast helped too. So I went to get prepared to race. The girl’s and the C2s raced in the afternoon, so we had a chance […]

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Adventures, Masinga Dam Style

So much for not getting sick, ever since we got back from Masinga Dam, I have slept in my tent and been antisocial with only my sickness for company. While I was sick, I remembered the good times we had in Masinga Dam. Our safari was awesome! The Mutatu that was to pick us up […]

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On the road to Masinga Dam

Well, we are finally in Masinga Dam. It took forever to get here! We drove in this sketchy van called a Mutatu. It was super tight! The drive was long and we got lost a few too many times. We finally make it to our destination only to discover that every thing we thought was […]

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Christmas Adventures

I definitely thought that I was done being burnt. But apparently that privilege is not to have. I discovered tonight, as I was changing into warmer clothes that I missed putting sunscreen in a few spots. My chest, inner thighs and one of calves are REALLY burnt. Like almost lobster red burnt. I am in […]

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I can’t wait to get out of this camp! I’m starting to go a little loopy. Walking up to the course today, I found out that not only is Emily afraid of hippos, she is also deathly afraid of cows. Yes, cows. A herd of them was coming down the narrow hill on the other […]

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