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Whoah, Hello Spider

Sarah and I were walking back to our tents tonight, when we saw this HUGE spider. I shone my headlamp on it and an enormous, intricate web appeared. It started in the tree and went all the way to the ground and Mariah’s tent. It was insane! This afternoon, I did some yoga to help […]

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It was an exhausting day today. We did grandprixs in the morning and in the afternoon; we had an amazing technique session. I felt really good afterwards. We had a close call today with the dogs. Freddy and Bindi, the camp’s dogs decided to follow us up to the course in the morning. Normally this […]

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Day Off

So today was our first official day off. In the morning, we did a river run on the Tana river, upstream of the slalom course. We had to borrow boats and gear from Savage Camp. The boats were a little sketchy; I ended up in a large Fluid Spice. The only contact I had was […]

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I’m glad we’re not here in the rainy season. This morning, we had the privilege of a nice preview of what Kenya is like when it’s wet. It poured! The nice part though, is that the wet mutes the hot a little bit. I woke up early this morning to have a shower, a welcome […]

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Hippos, Safari Ants & Malarone Dreams

Jan 15th/2008 It is incredibly hot here, almost unbearably so. But every time this thought goes through my head, I just think about the lovely weather back home, blizzards and ice and then I’m thankful I’m in Kenya. We had our first water session yesterday. The walk-up was insane! You follow a dirt road for […]

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In Kenya

In Kenya Well, travelling over 48 hours was definitely worth it, I am in Africa! We met with the majority of the group, Chris, Nic, Dodge, Tyler, Mariah and Sarah in Denver. We had relatively no trouble getting our boats on the plane. In Washington, we met up with the rest of group, Mark and […]

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