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Sports highlights from June

A rest area is full of snow-covered bikes campers and tents south of Haines Junction as snow cancelled the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay early Saturday June 17, 2017.

A few photos from the crazy month that was June.

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The forest fights back at orienteering

Caelan McLean makes his way down the hill to the final control before the finish during the Yukon Orienteering Middle Distance Championships in the Lo-Bird subdivision on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

A few images taken in between scouting the light and swatting the mozzies.

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Final orienteering meet of the season embraces darkness

Orienteers navigate in the dark during the final meet of the season at the Wolf Creek Campground. Since the meet was in the dark, different checkpoints were used to be visible by headlamp light.

Daytime orienteering wasn’t tricky enough for Yukon orienteers. At Friday’s season finale meet, courses were set to be challenged under the cover of darkness. Using special night orienteering controls – PVC pipe coated in reflective tape – meet organizer Dave Hildes created four courses for participants at Wolf Creek Campground.

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Orienteers team-up for fun relay challenge

Orienteering is normally an individual sport, but last night participants were divided into teams to tackle the Just-4-Fun Relay on the Kopper King map. “They’re really fun and it’s a twist and changes the whole atmosphere of how the event works,” said event organizer, Forest Pearson, who has previously organized fun relays on the orienteering […]

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